Decision Science for Leaders

immersive workshops on the future of decision-making

Strategic Context

Moral Obligation

The ethical imperative to making the best possible decision as a steward of resources & responsibility

Compliance Need

Broad regulation and fundamental obligation require adherence to rules & standards of industry stakeholders

Competitive Advantage

Ever-increasing pressure on market incumbents and entrants...
those who decide better, do better

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Use Cases

Mundane Decisions

Rely on “digital instincts” to respond to customer inquiries, notifications, referrals, and routine planning

Important Decisions

Utilize judgement to prioritize projects, select vendors, choose candidates, and proceed with approvals

Epic Decisions

Leverage diverse perspectives to make an investment, locate a facility, and identify patterns via historical data

Tools & Techniques

Statistics & Probability

Understand the biases and heuristics inherent in predicting outcomes and calculating expected value

Analytical Hierarchy Process

A progression from powerful math like Conjoint Analysis, AHP allows for qualitative criteria in quantitative scoring

Volley Decision Engine (TM)

Harness the power of a collaborative platform that is secure and scalable to make the best possible decision

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How do you decide who to hire, when a phase-gate has been achieved, or which project to resource next? Chances are, you rely on intuition... which could otherwise be known as habits, biases, and, group-think. What if you could elevate your decision-making… to decide using information. To decide better?

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DECIDE BETTER is at the leading edge of Decision Science, an emerging trend in leadership and organizational effectiveness.

DECIDE BETTER is a leadership-oriented workshop, applicable to chief executives, board members, independent directors, and aspiring leaders. Sessions have occurred at Vistage, INFORMS, and the Society of Decision Professionals.

discrete decisions

deciding who to hire; selecting a vendor; planning an event

open-ended decisions

knowing when to "go" or "no go"; managing a phase-gate process

continuous decisions

prioritizing projects; assigning resources; conducting stack-ranking

What will I learn from this session?

  • Learn how to apply structured Decision Science techniques to everyday life… as an employee, entrepreneur, student, or parent!
  • Understand how and why organizations use these techniques (with examples)

What insights will I come away with?

  • Core frameworks of Weighted Value and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for a decision-maker, facilitator, or domain expert
  • Appreciate the value of reflecting, conducting post-mortems (and pre-mortems!)


improve outcomes with these tools

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