INFORMS magazine interview

The following are excerpts from the OR/MS Today interview with Matt Brady, Volley Solutions Founder & CEO, featured in the July 2002 issue "What's Your Story". We cover topics from starting a business during a global pandemic to setting a paper airplane to record (maybe... Read More

Spreading the word about Decision Science

It's been a busy spring here in the Denver / Boulder region. Not only has the weather been beautiful, but the opportunities to describe what's happening at Volley have been plentiful. This post is a recap of the industry conferences that have featured the Volley platform in the areas of <... Read More

Volley for First Principles

One of the many decision templates that Volley provides in the category of Decision Support Systems is for "First Principles" thinking. As described by HumanCentered.Technology in the blog post "... Read More

Matching Energy: supply & demand for oil

The production of oil, including West Texas Intermediate (WTI), is a complicated process involving many aspects of the supply chain. Add to that the trading of energy futures, and there is a two-sided market that requires interme... Read More

Emergency supply & demand matching

The matching of supply to demand is paramount in the response to COVID-19. During the recent White House Coronavirus daily briefing, various members of the administration's task force and the media addressed the topic of supply & demand matching of personal protective equipment (PPE). ... Read More