Make key decisions using information, not intuition.

Volley helps organizations make important decisions. Decide better.


interactive decision optimization

within a trusted SaaS platform

Proven Science

based on research completed at Purdue University and Northwestern University

Rich Heritage

extensive history of serving clients across several diverse sectors and geographies

Great Potential

robust capabilities designed specifically for Compliance, HR, and even Board members

Decision Journal

Track any decision to gain perspective and understanding

Note the decision

Easily record the decision, including the result that you expect, the approach taken, and the current sentiment.

Follow the decision

Update progress over time and reflect on your decision to determine if you achieved the desired result.

Learn from the decision

Identify patterns of strength and areas for improvement in your decision-making process. Refine your approach.


Flexible Wizard

Leverage binary decision trees without breaking a sweat

Set the stage

Define the decision domain, including the topic, criteria, and the alternatives being considered. On any device, in minutes.

Pick your team

Go it alone, or include people to gather feedback from. Their input can even be weighted differently based on expertise.

Click the button

Volley runs the hundreds of calculations to recommend the best choice. Review and change the assumptions as needed.

Matching Engine

Unleash full economic models in order to optimize outcomes

Count the sides

Volley supports two-sided and multi-sided matching algorithms, running discrete or continuous models. No more spreadsheets!

Define the numbers

Utilize any quantitative matching criteria, from scores to schedules to salaries. Leave all of the complex $=># to Volley.

Tune the sensitivity

Incorporate any qualitative matching criteria like strengths, preferences, and reviews to optimize decision outcomes.


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