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About the Founder

Matthew John Brady

Founder & CEO

Matt Brady is an entrepreneur and educator. His latest startup is Volley, a collaborative decision optimization platform that helps organizations make important decisions using information, not intuition.

He is also writes and curates content at Human-Centered Technology to promote building ethics & empathy into innovation. The last 4 companies with which he has had an executive role have successfully reached liquidity events, including to world-class strategic buyers and private equity firms.

Matt is a passionate builder of people and organizations. He and his wife Tisha have been married since 2000 and are raising their three teenagers in Denver. Find out more about Matt Brady at


Volley is based on research in Computer & Behavioral Science originally conducted at Purdue University and Northwestern University, incorporating thought-leadership in Human-Centered Technology pioneered at the University of Colorado.


Volley believes that one of the most fundamental aspects of living a happy, healthy life is good decision-making. Volley is built specifically for that need.

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Volley maximizes outcomes by allowing leaders to make decisions using information instead of intuition. The proprietary approach pioneered by the Volley team is called "collaborative decision optimization".

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