Spreading the word about Decision Science

Spreading the word about Decision Science

It's been a busy spring here in the Denver / Boulder region. Not only has the weather been beautiful, but the opportunities to describe what's happening at Volley have been plentiful. This post is a recap of the industry conferences that have featured the Volley platform in the areas of #DecisionScience, #DataScience, #DecisionMaking, #DecisionAnalysis, #AI#Analytics#BI. And we're just getting started!

Click the hashtags to learn more about these topics. Here is a recap of these events:

  • INFORMS Business Analytics Conference 2022 - the largest association for the decision and data sciences, hosts the premier industry conference for OR and MS professionals. Presentation title "Decide Better: how an Entrepreneur & Educator embraced Decision Science".
  • Society of Decision Professionals Annual Conference 2022 - the premier industry conference hosted by the recognized world forum for decision making. Presentation title "How Leading Companies Are Using Structured Decision Science Techniques".
  • INFORMS magazine interview - this Editor of the OR/MS Today magazine sat down for an interview with Matt Brady, Volley Solutions Founder & CEO, for the July 2002 issue "What's Your Story". We cover topics from starting a business during a global pandemic to setting a paper airplane to record (maybe).

Notable deliverables from these events also include the following tools and resources for decision-making:

These events have been a great success, with strong engagement and discussions about how decision analysis processes and platforms can be made available to the largest possible audience. On a related topic, be sure to read (or listen to) the blog post on how the Volley decision science platform was used to judge a hackathon.