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CU Low-Code Hackathon

an innovative student event powered by Volley

What better way to teach current and future business leaders about Decision Science than to use it to determine the winner of a competition. That was the rationale for Volley's Founder & CEO, Matt Brady, in partnering with the Leeds School of Business, one of the best public university undergraduate business programs and Colorado's top business school.

The competition brought teams of students together to build technology solutions for non-profit organizations. The organizations each had complex requirements and unique constraints. The student teams leveraged their formal training and got to flex their entrepreneurial muscle. Leeds is know for their through an innovative approach to theoretical and practical instruction in transforming the future of global business. The hack teams fully personified the best that CU Boulder has to offer.

The challenge of judging a hackathon included, multiple dimensions to determine the winner, including some that are qualitative. The timeframe was also very tight, and the executives that were working together to come to a conclusion had to do so under pressure.

Volley's collaborative decision optimization (TM) platform allowed for the judging to be done quickly, confidently, using the qualitative criteria, to select the winning teams.

To learn more about the inaugural event, read the article
"Judging a hackathon with the Volley decision science platform".


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About Leeds
The Leeds School of Business is the top ranked Colorado business school offering undergraduate, MBA, MS and PhD business programs. It is one of the best business schools in the Rocky Mountains and Midwest regions of the United States. Located in the startup hub of Boulder, Colorado and close to the booming Denver business community, Leeds' students and faculty are surrounded by and connected to high-level growth and performance.