Education & Non-Profit

Volley serves organizations that serve their community


The core of the Volley platform was first developed for the specific needs of organizations in Higher Education. And nothing could be more important to Volley than the principles of Human-Centered Technology that are so central to a modern Non-Profit organization.

Across diverse use cases and geographies, Volley is honored to serve.


Volley is committed to equal opportunity through technology and knowledge and believes that great advancement will occur as barriers are removed to allow for unfettered access to resources. Volley is also committed to helping advance public health through contact tracing, project prioritization, and materials allocation.

It is clear that across numerous sectors and use cases, from PPE distribution to work-remote scheduling, to furlough and hiring scenario planning, Volley's advanced Matching Wizard offers power to organizations that will, in turn, maximize their impact for the customers and communities that they serve.

Based on a heritage of serving mission-driven organizations, Volley is proud to offer products and services to US 501(c)(3) non-profits at a substantial discount. Please contact us in order to schedule a demo and determine an action plan.


The scope and scale of the positive impacts that a decision-optimization platform can provide to Education & Non-Profit organizations can hardly be exaggerated. Here are but two examples:

  • Case Study on Purdue University – describes the original development of the Volley Matching Engine and the significant impact on the entire organization

  • Case Study on Complex Clinical Assignments – describes gaining operational scale by using a matching engine to manage a “multi-sided platform”

To receive these case studies, just let us know how we can get in touch.