The story (and science) behind transplant math

The story (and science) behind transplant math

Ever wonder how organ transplants are arranged? Not just at an individual level, but at a regional and national level? A trusted advisor to Volley Solutions passed along some remarkable content that illustrates the concepts that we are so passionate about!

What follows is the story of how a scientific wonder-couple joined forces to optimize the organ donation process in the United States. It tells the amazing story of Drs. Sommer Gentry and Dorry Segev... their love for each other and for their respective fields of study.

Even for those that study game theory, including the Volley Solutions team, this is awe-inspiring. The contributions that Drs. Gentry and Segev have made to our society are profound. We can only anticipate the impact that will result from more collaboration and innovation in the future.

Next Steps

The core components of Volley's multi-sided supply & demand matching engine were developed at Purdue University; the game theoretic framework and go-to-market plan were developed at Northwestern University. The Volley Solutions team is now working to make the expanded technology platform available to users and organizations around the world. Organizations that choose to partner with Volley Solutions are those that share our belief in the power of math and science being employed in all types of processes and use cases.

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